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Viking jewelry

Опубликовано: 22.04.2017

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Thor's Hammer Pendant Handmade Viking Jewelry | Viking Workshop

The Vikings were warriors and conquerors, who were considered by many to be barbarians, ready to do anything to conquer new lands. Despite their brutality, the Vikings were very fond of wearing jewelry. In most cases, these accessories served as protective amulets, which helped them win battles, and provided courage and strength.

Handcrafted viking jewelry is every bit as popular among the today's population of the world as it was before. It is bought by people who understand Norse mythology, as well as connoisseurs of high-quality jewelry.

Ancient Viking jewelry for sale is available in the Viking-workshop online store. These are handmade items, which are produced with consideration to all the nuances of the time. Our assortment includes: Viking jewelry bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and signets, as well as numerous options of pagan jewelry and celtic jewelry.

All real Viking jewelry for sale is manufactured using high quality jewelry equipment. We give special attention to our work, investing a part of the soul in it, because we do understand how important these jewelry items are for you.

All accessories are complemented by Viking symbols, whether it’s a raven, Odin's protective loop and wolves, or runes. Viking rune symbols and meanings ensure protection from evil spirits, they give their owners confidence and willingness to overcome any the obstacles in their path.

Legends tell us that the handcrafted jewelry with Viking symbols was very popular with Scandinavians. In spite of their barbarism and cruelty, they believed in gods: Odin, Thor, Freyja, and others.

We do not just offer real handmade norse jewelry for sale, we are also ready to create a unique piece of jewelry using this theme. You can always contact us and order a custom-made product that will meet all your characteristics and specifications.

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