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Install Group

Опубликовано: 24.07.2017

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How to Deploy/Install Network Printer By Using Group Policy (GPO)


Turning On Group Policy Preferences on Windows Vista SP1

The first thing you need to do is download and install Remote Server Administration Tools (KB941314) onto a Windows Vista SP1 machine with all patches installed. This will install the GPMC components.   Notice when you do the install, it puts the bits on the workstation but it does not install them.   You have to go to . .. StartControl PanelPrograms and FeaturesTurn Windows Features On and Off.   Scroll down the list and expand "Remote Server Administration Tools"; Expand "Feature Administration Tools"; Turn on "Group Policy Management Tools".   It is the installation of Remote Server Administration Tools (KB941314) that installs these components so if it is not in your list something was not successful with your prior installation.

Install Group Policy Preferences in Windows Server 2008 Client Side Extensions

Finally, you need to install the Group Policy Preferences in Windows Server 2008 Client Side Extensions.   I highly recommend you deploy this using WSUS or other software deployment mechanism to make sure they are deployed for all clients that need to "apply" preferences.   Especially if these preferences will be used to lock down security.   The way to use preferences to "lock down" a machine is to simply use it to change the settings to what you want them to be and then use Group Policy to prevent users from being able to change them.   (ie. change a registry key in preferences and then do not allow users access to the registry with policy).

Windows Server 2012: How to Install Software Using Group Policy

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